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The word "romance" is used when people are attracted to each other in some way.

  • Valerie loves romance.
  • Roger wants more romance in the relationship with his spouse.
  • Olivia and Peter have been involved in a secret office romance for three months. (office romance = a relationship at a place of work like an office.)
  • Romance can lead to a broken heart.
  • There's a lot of romance at the beginning of a love relationship.
  • What is a marriage without romance?
  • Romance novels are very popular among women.
  • Some people say that romance is overrated.

The word "romantic" is an adjective. This word can be used for people or things:

  • We visited a very romantic part of France last year.
  • The lighting in the restaurant is romantic.
  • This music is very romantic.
  • Romantic comedies are popular among people who like to watch movies.
  • Romantic moments help to strengthen a relationship.
  • Claudia wishes her husband were more romantic.
  • Samuel has romantic ideals related to helping those who are in need. (This use of the word "romantic" refers to a person who is idealistic, seeking some form of perfection, beauty, or nobility.)


The word "romantically" is an adverb:

  • Those two are romantically involved.
  • They're interested in each other romantically.
  • Sarah and Isaac are romantically attracted to each other.

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