The word "downright" is a compound word (two words that form one word) that means "very," "really," or "genuinely."The use of "downright" is fairly common.

  • She’s downright angry. (She’s very angry.)
  • That makes me downright mad.
  • It was downright upsetting to see so many people become sick.
  • It’s downright unfair for certain groups of people to receive favorable treatment over others.
  • The people of that town are downright idiotic to vote against their own interests.
  • Those comments were downright insulting.
  • That’s a downright lie.
  • That’s just downright rude.
  • It was downright exciting to meet so many people who are interested in our business .
  • After many years of difficulties, Mary says that now she’s downright happy with the way her life is going.
  • The player’s performance on the field was downright amazing.

woman scary

That woman is downright scary!

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February 11. 2020