A chunk is a piece of something taken from a larger piece. Chunks result from bites, accidents, weather, or any situation when something breaks away from a larger piece.

  • A chunk of ice fell from an overpass and broke the windshield on a car passing below.
  • A man swimming in the ocean had a large chunk of flesh taken from him by a shark.
  • A beef stew is made with large chunks of beef.
  • It’s not a good idea to swallow large chunks of food. You need to chew it first.
  • The brain can process large chunks of information over time.
  • The meeting we had to attend consumed a large chunk of time.

chunks of meat

These are large chunks of meat.

The word "chunky" is an adjective. If something is chunky, it’s large.

  • Ted is kind of a chunky kid.
  • Louise is concerned that her arms are becoming chunky.
  • That big sweater makes you look chunky.

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January 6, 2020