Use the word "meager" as an adjective to talk about very small amounts.

  • Todd’s meager salary is too small to take care of his growing family’s needs.
  • The people stranded on the island survived on a meager amount of food.
  • The help provided by the government was too meager to make any difference.
  • The community provided a meager amount of assistance to the refugees who resettled there.
  • A meager supply of oxygen in the water resulted in the death of thousands of fish.
  • Ibuprofen provides just a meager amount of relief for someone who experiences severe pain.
  • The players made a meager attempt to win the game, and so they lost.
  • The town’s meager budget prohibits investment in new roads or bridges.
  • The old man barely eeked out a meager existence living as a hermit in the woods.
  • Okonkwo’s meager harvest of yams frustrated him and his family.
  • Prehistoric people learned to survive on meager amounts of food during bad hunting seasons.

prehistoric man prehistoric man

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January 10, 2020