Yellow Level

Lesson Nineteen:

The Future Continuous Tense

S + will + be + ______ing

Let’s conjugate the verb "work"

I will be working
We will be working
You will be working
You will be working
He will be working  
She will be working
They will be working
It will be working  

In the pictures below, notice the words with the "ing" endings.

Those are the main verbs in continuous forms.

Listen to your teacher talk about the future continuous tense in this video:


I will be working on my computer later today.

drinking cofee

You will be learning English at your computer after work.

mei yang

He will be having a birthday party tomorrow for his daughter who turns three.


She’ll be going to a new school next year where she’ll be studying English and French.


This little penguin wll be living in this zoo for a very long time.


We will be going online to communicate with each other.

drinking coffee

mei yang

I + you = we

You will be playing soccer this weekend.

They will be retiring in a few years.

(main verb: retire. When people reach 65 years of age in the U.S., they usually stop working)

older couple

Practice: write

Directions: Write the verb in the future continuous tense.

1. What _______ you _______ ________ tomorrow? (do)

2. The class _______ ________ _________ soon. (start)

3. What time _______ they ________ ______ tomorrow? (leave)

4. We ________ _______ ________ in ten minutes. (arrive)

5. Hilda ________ ________ ________ until later. (come — negative)


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Answers: 1. will… doing; 2. will be starting; 3. will….be leaving; 4. will be arriving; 5. won’t be coming