Yellow Level Quiz #2 – Questions in the Present Perfect Tense (ANSWERS)

Part A.

Directions: Complete each question with the verb in the present perfect tense. (20 points)

1. Has he finished his dinner yet? (finish)

2. Have they seen this movie before? (see)

3. Has the plane already landed? (land)

4. Have I talked to you about this? (talk)

5. Has the girl with the limp been to the doctor? (be)

6. Has the team ever won a game? (win)

7. How long have you known each other? (know)

8. Where has he been? (be)

9. What have they done? (do)

10. How many voters has the candidate talked to? (talk)


Part B.

Directions: Complete each question in the present perfect tense. Some are affirmative and some are negative. (10 points)

1. Why hasn’t he done his work yet? (do – negative)

2. Have you done the dishes? (do)

3. Haven’t I given you enough to eat? (give – negative)

4. Wow! Where has the time gone? (go)

5. Who hasn’t completed their work yet? (complete –  negative)

6. Has the dog eaten all his food? (eat)

7. How much money has he paid? (pay)

8. Hasn’t this been fun? (be – negative)

9. Why haven’t Jorge and Martha called us? (call – negative)

10. Have you ever been in love before? (be)

Part C.

Directions: Conjugate the verb “go” in the present perfect tense and in the form of a question. (5 points)


Have I gone

Have you gone

Has he gone

Has she gone

Has it gone

Have we gone

Have you gone

Have they gone


Conjugate the verb “give” in the present perfect tense negative  and in the form of a question.  (5 points)


Haven’t I given

Haven’t you given

Hasn’t he given

Hasn’t she given

Hasn’t it given

Haven’t we given

Haven’t you given

Haven’t they given


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