Yellow Level Quiz #4 – the Past Continuous Tense – ANSWERS

Part A.

Directions: Complete each sentence in the past continuous tense. (10 points)

1. She was talking on the phone five minutes ago. (talk)

2. I was listening to the radio this morning when I heard the news. (listen)

3. They weren’t living in Mexico last year.  (live – negative)

4. You were working last weekend. (work)

5. We were sleeping when the telephone rang. (sleep)

6. Bob bumped his head as he was getting into the car. (get)

7. It wasn’t raining when we left home, but now it is. (rain – negative)

8. I was making dinner while talking on the phone.(make)

9. The students weren’t studying very much last week, so they forgot what they had learned. (study – negative)

10. Maria wasn’t doing what she had to do to get the job done. (do – negative)


Part B.

Directions: Make questions in the past continuous tense. (10 points)

1. What was she doing last weekend? (do)

2. Were you working yesterday? (work)

3. Why were they getting so angry? (get)

4. Was the sun shining earlier? (shine)

5. When was Ted talking on the phone? (talk)

6. Was I snoring last night? (snore)

7. How was he paying his bills when he lost his job? (pay)

8. Was the baby crying just now? (cry)

9. How much money were you making at that company? (make)

10. Were we laughing too loudly? (laugh)

Part C.

Conjugate the verb “go” in the past continuous tense (5 points)


I was going

You were going

He was going

She was going

It was going

We were going

You were going

They were going


Conjugate the verb “talk” in the past continuous tense negative     (5 points)



I wasn’t talking

You weren’t talking

He wasn’t talking

She wasn’t talking

It wasn’t talking (rare)

We weren’t talking

You weren’t talking

They weren’t talking


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