Yellow Level Quiz #6 – Modal Verbs (ANSWERS)

Part A.

Directions: Complete each question or sentence with a modal verb and a main verb. The modal verb goes first. The main verb goes second. (10 points)

Modal verbs: can / may / should / must / will / might / could  (use more than once)

Main verbs: see / live / bring / eat / find / do / help / play / pay / rain  (use only once)


1. My teacher might bring some cookies to class today. We don’t know yet.

2. You really should see a doctor about your illness.

3. May I help you?

4. After Jeff graduates from college, he will definitely live in New York.

5. Tatania can play the piano really well.

6. We must pay our taxes before April 15.

7. The weatherman said that it might rain later tonight. (“will” is also okay.)

8. You should eat less meat because it’s not good for your health to eat too much.

9. They will probably find good jobs in Minnesota if they decide to move there. (“can” is also okay.)

10. Could you do me a favor, please? (“Can you do….” and “Will you do….” are also okay.)


Part B.

Directions: Choose the correct modal verb and main verb to complete each sentence. (5 points)

1. The doctor told me that I should stop smoking.

 A. will like B. should stop C. must try

2. My girlfriend can’t go to the party this weekend because she is scheduled to work.

 A. can’t go  B. shouldn’t drive  C. will go

3. This computer will work better if it has more memory.

 A. can’t move  B. should go  C. will work

4. If I don’t stop at a gas station soon, I might run out of gas.

 A. might run  B. can be  C. will do

5. The young woman called her boss to tell him that she will be late to work this morning.

 A. can be  B. must be  C. will be


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