Yellow Level Quiz #7 – Perfect Modal Verbs (ANSWERS)

Part A.

Directions: Complete each question or sentence with should have or could have, and a main verb. The main verb will be in the form of a past participle. (10 points)

For example: You ________ ________ __________ (be) more helpful to that elderly woman. (offering advice)

 You should have been more helpful to that elderly woman.

1. I could have helped (help) you last weekend if you had asked. (possibility)

2. He should have talked (talk) to the doctor about his stomach pains. (advice)

3. Could they have done (do) all that work already? (possibility)

4. Maria could have eaten (eat) that whole pizza by herself–she was so hungry! (possibility)

5. My students should have finished (finish) their assignment by now. (capability)

6. Shouldn’t that company have paid (pay) their employees on time? (responsibility)

7. Why couldn’t you have met (meet) me earlier? Now we don’t have any time. (possibility)

8. The disaster should never have happened. It was preventable. (possibility)

9. President Bush should have told (tell) the American people they needed to make more personal sacrifices once the Iraq War began. (responsibility)

10. You should have been (be) able to complete the test within 60 minutes. (capability — in this sentence, “complete” is the main verb. That means there are seven words in the verb phrase!)


Part B.

Directions: Complete each sentence or question with would have or should have and a main verb. (10 points)

 * would have = past tense of will  /  * should have = past advice, capability, or responsibility

1. If I had known you were coming, I would have made (make) extra cookies.

2. We should have fixed (fix) the leak in the roof before the storm made it worse.

3. You shouldn’t have gone (go) into that strange house if it was empty.

4. It would have taken (take) longer to get dinner made without your help.

5. Before going to the beach, they should have checked (check) the weather because it rained.

6. The doctor told her she should have been (be) on a diet the last few years.

7. The party would have been (be) more fun if you were there.

8. My friend would have made (make) a lot of money if he had sold his stock in the company earlier.

9. I would have done (do) anything just to spend a few more hours with you.

10. They really shouldn’t have gotten married (marry) so fast.


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