Yellow Level Quiz #16 — Change the present perfect tense to the past tense (ANSWERS)

Part A.

Directions: Rewrite each verb that appears in the present perfect tense and change it to the past tense.


 * She has eaten breakfast.

  * She ate breakfast.

1. They have lived there for two years.

 They lived there for two years.

2. My sister has had problems with her car.

 My sister had problems with her car.

3. I have been to New York many times.

 I was in New York last year.

4. It hasn’t rained since last week.

 It didn’t rain yesterday. (negative)

5. We haven’t seen the movie yet.

 We didn’t see the movie yet. (negative)

6. The compay has laid off a lot of employees.

  The company laid off a lot of employees.

7. Bob hasn’t gotten up yet.

  Bob didn’t get up until 11:00. (negative)

8. Those children haven’t learned how to read yet.

 Those children never learned how to read. (negative)

9. The mail hasn’t come yet.

 The mail never came. (negative)

10. Maria has done her laundry.

 Maria did her laundry.

Part B.

Directions: Each question is in the present perfect tense negaitve. Rewrite each question in the past tense.


* Has she eaten breakfast?

* Did she eat breakfast?

1. Has the newspaper come yet?

 Did the newspaper come yet?

2. Have you called your mother?

 Did you call your mother?

3. Have they heard anything about the accident?

 Did they hear anything about the accident?

4. Where have you been?

 Where were you?

5. What have you done?

   What did you do?

6. Has he had anything to eat?

 Did he have anything to eat?

7. How long have you lived in Minnesota?

 How long did you live in Minnesota?

8. Hasn’t this been fun?

 Wasn’t this fun?

9. Has this ever happened to you?

 Did this ever happen to you?

10. Why haven’t they called me?

 Why didn’t they call me?


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