Yellow Level Quiz #21 – Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Part A.

Directions: In each of these sentences and questions, put the verb in the form of the past perfect continuous tense.

1. Before he was a cook, Kevin had been working at a golf course as a caddy. (work)

2. Samantha had been counting on a big refund during tax season, but she didn’t get it. (count)

3. People in Minnesota had been looking forward to the Vikings playing in the Superbowl, but they lost the final game in the playoffs. (look)

4. Maria divorced her husband, Phil, because he hadn’t been spending enough time with her. (spend– negative)

5. We had been planning to move to California, but then we reconsidered our decision due to all of the natural disasters that haven taken place there over the last decade. (plan)


Part B.

Directions: Choose between the present perfect continuous tense or the past perfect continuous tense.

1. Oscar has been working at the same restaurant for the last ten years. (work)

2. Daniel was fired last year because he had been stealing from the company he worked for. (steal)

3. A construction company has been clearing land for a new office building. (clear)

4. Sara had been feeling sick until she visited the doctor. (feel)

5. David had been going through cancer treatment before he died. (go)

6. Where have you been working in the last few years? (work)

7. The students at our school have been studying hard in preparation for exams. (study)

8. If he hadn’t been paying attention while driving, he would have hit the deer as it crossed the road. (pay — negative)

9. Olympic athletes have been training for the upcoming games in South Korea. (train)

10. Bill was all sweaty when he arrived at the office because he had been riding his bike. (ride)