Yellow Level Quiz #22 – more, less, fewer  (ANSWERS)       Click here for the PDF

Part A.

Directions: Choose among the adjectives more, less, or fewer for each sentence or question. A + or – sign will help you make a choice:  (+) = more; (  ) = less or fewer

1. Peter wants more time to finish his work. (+)

2. There’s less information available to us. (-)

3. There are fewer cars on the road today because it’s a holiday. (-)

4. Yolanda has less work to complete today compared to yesterday. (-)

5. We need more advice before we make a decision. (+)

6. Fewer people are interested in shopping at a mall these days. (-)

7. Bernie’s company is going to pay him more money to do his job. (+)

8. There would be fewer accidents on the roads if drivers paid more attention. (- / +)

9. I would like a little more help with this project. (+)

10. That store sells less merchandise in the evening compared to the day. (-)


Part B.

Directions: Choose between the adjectives less or fewer for each noun.

1. less ice

2. fewer children

3. fewer bananas

4. less traffic

5. fewer ideas

6. fewer items

7. less fun

8. fewer students

9. fewer problems

10. less oil