refrigerator / fridge

Food is kept in a refrigerator.

Many Americans use the word "fridge."



leftovers = food you didn’t eat.

Leftovers are put into a container.


Some people cover leftover food with aluminum foil.

You can also use Saran wrap.

Some food must be kept in the freezer.

Freezer bag

If you want to bring a sandwich to work or to school…

…you can use a sandwich bag. Some people call them "baggies."


If you go out to a restaurant and have leftover food, you can take it home in a "doggie bag" or a container.

These people are on a picnic.

A picnic basket is useful when you go on a picnic. Food is packed in containers and bags.


Hot or cold drinks go into a thermos.

When you go on a picnic, if you don’t want to sit on the ground, you can sit at a picnic table.

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