shopping cart

Many shoppers use a cart when they go grocery shopping.

shopping cart

produce = fruit and vegetables

Stock clerks put the food on the shelves.



Shoppers weigh fruit, vegetables, and other items that are sold by the pound.

Grocery stores in the U.S. use pounds and ounces when indicating weight.


shelf / shelves

This customer is taking some food off of the shelf.

The shelves are full of food.


canned food / canned goods

A lot of food sold in a grocery store comes in a can.

canned soup


A butcher works in the meat department.

He cuts, weighs, and packages meat.


Many stores have a deli section.

The word "deli" is short for delicatessen.

This is the part of the grocery store where you can buy cold cuts (meat), sandwiches, salads, and cheese.


frozen food

The frozen food section has frozen pizza, juice, frozen entrees, vegetables, and ice cream.

frozen food
A cashier rings up the total sale at the checkout counter.cashier

bag / bag of groceries

bag = as a verb, it means to put the groceries into the bag.

In many stores, you can bag your own groceries, but some stores have employees do this work. They’re called baggers.

bag of groceries

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