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Choose words and phrases from the choices below to complete each sentence or question:

    airhead       better half       deadbeat       demo      ego trip       fizzle        guzzle         hassle        kick it        max out       mooch       no show        no sweat        old man        out of it

1. Ever since Louis was voted class president, he's been on a big __________.

2. Daniel is a real __________.  He refuses to help for anything, and he's too lazy to get a job.

3. Our business plans will __________ if we don't get a loan from the bank.

4. Before Dan buys a new car, he will have to run it past his ____________.

5. Vanessa decided it was too big a __________ to drive an hour to work every morning, so she quit her job.

6. Dr. Evans became extremely irritated when he found out his 2:00 appointment was a ___________.

7. Rachel is going to __________ her credit card if she doesn't stop using it so much.

8. Oscar is going to ask his ___________ if he can borrow his car tonight.

9. Do you need help? ___________!  I can help you out.

10. People have a tendency to ___________ a lot of water when it's really hot outside.

11. Before the new song was released on the internet, we were able to get our hands on a __________.

12. It's hard to trust Theresa to remember anything because she's such an __________.

13. This weekend I'm just going to ___________ with some of my buds.

14. A hitchhiker sticks his thumb out while standing on the side of the road in order to __________ a ride from travellers who pass by.

15. I'm so ___________ today because I only got an hour of sleep last night.



Answers: 1. ego trip; 2. deadbeat; 3. fizzle; 4. better half; 5. hassle; 6. no show; 7. max out; 8. old man; 9. No sweat; 10. guzzle; 11. demo; 12. airhead; 13. kick it; 14. mooch; 15. out of it



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