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Choose words and phrases from the choices below to complete each sentence or question:

   pay dirt       piece of cake       pizzazz       rag       redneck       rip off       schmooze       scrounge       shades       tank       tied up      up to speed       VIP       washed up       wimp      

1. Jose went to a junk yard to ___________ for a door to replace the one that was damaged.

2. If we go to the beach I'm going to have to bring my __________ to protect my eyes.

3. You paid over a $100 for that shirt? What a ___________!

4. George missed all of his classes last week, so it will take a while for him to get __________.

5. That test was a __________.  Almost everyone thought it was easy.

6. Billy is proud to call himself a ___________, despite the fact that some poor white people consider that term to be derogatory.

7. Vincent Marshall was a famous actor in the 1970s, but now many people consider him to be all ___________, so he's given up on his acting career.

8. Todd's friends said he was a ___________ because he backed out of a fight with another boy in school.

9. Ralph was so tired of hearing his wife ___________ on him he divorced her.

10. Julia likes to __________ when she goes to parties.

11. This restaurant is so drab! It needs some ___________ to liven it up.

12. Investors who think the stock market is about to __________ may pull their money out ahead of a crash.

13. Traffic is all ___________ because of a construction project.

14. Air travelers who are wealthy enough to afford the ___________ lounge at the airport get great service and special treatment.

15. People who started social media companies a decade ago quickly hit ___________.



Answers: 1. scrounge; 2. shades; 3. rip off; 4. up to speed; 5. piece of cake; 6. redneck; 7. washed up; 8. wimp; 9. rag; 10. schmooze; 11. pizzazz; 12. tank; 13. tied up; 14. VIP; 15. pay dirt



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