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The word of the day for today is "review."

When the new year begins, this blog is going to be more active as a place for daily instruction.

As you know, a new year presents new opportunities to change one’s life and start in a new direction. That’s why January is the month when students decide, once and for all, that they really want to learn English.

So…we begin at the beginning.

Here’s what students need to do to learn English online at my website. This method has worked for thousands (dare I say, millions?) of students over the years. It’s fairly simple.

1. Complete one level of instruction per month, one lesson per day, starting with the Blue Level. This all begins on Friday, January 1. Be there on day one. I’ll be there with you each step of the way via the blog and the daily schedule as it shows up on the home page.

2. Print out the checklists for each level and keep them next to your computer or your mobile device. Yes, you have to use paper! Checklists help you stay on track. Here is the checklist for the Blue Level:  Blue Level Checklist

3. Write in your notebook what you have learned from each lesson. When you see this image write it means that you should write. Even if you don’t see  the image and something is new to you, I think you should write it down. Writing is the key to remembering things you have learned.

4. In addition to the lessons for each level, you should also be working on the reading exercises and dictation exercises. At the bottom of each reading exercise is a Speakpipe recorder. Record your voice, listen to it, and compare it to my voice. See how close you are.  The dictation exercises are for listening and writing. Listen and write what you hear. Then look at the answers.

5. Try not to get too distracted by the other areas of the website. Sure, it’s fun to go to the chat room and meet with friends, but some of you spend way too much time there. Try to balance your time between work and fun.

6. Take the tests at the end of each level. If you feel like you did well enough on each test, you may move forward, but if you think you need more practice, consider repeating the level before moving on.

7. It takes seven months to complete the online program. That means we will all finish together in July.  You can work ahead if you want to; however, I have found that students do better with a slow approach. There is no such thing as learning English quickly and easily. Anyone who tells you that is pulling your leg. It takes time.

After you complete all seven levels, you can download a certificate of completion. It’s at that time you might consider making a donation to the website. Donations in any amount keep the website free. At the very least, tell your friends about the website via social media. The more people who visit the website, the easier it is to keep it free.

Don’t forget to visit the Word of the Day section if you are working on your vocabulary.

Above all, believe in yourself and your ability to learn. I understand the struggles you are going through, but you have to have confidence and determination to accomplish your goals. You can do whatever you want to do if you want it badly enough.

Save this email for future reference.  I’ll also post a video on YouTube regarding all of this so that you know what to do to be a successful student.

The theme for January is planning and preparation.


When things or people come together, they unite. Click here to learn more about this word.

Today’s word of the day is "hardly." Don’t confuse this with the word "hard."

There’s a new reading exercise for the Blue Level: The company had a big meeting.

If something is hard to find, it’s scarce. You can use this with food, precipitation, time, money, or just about anything that is hard to find when you go shopping. As today is the day after Christmas, a lot of people go shopping. Some things may become scarce if many people are looking for the same popular item.

The word of the day is "shop."

There are many different ways to use the word "rock."

  • A boat rocks back and forth when it’s sitting on the water.
  • You can rock a baby to sleep.
  • There are rocks in the ground that are millions of years old.
  • Rock is a form of music that favors guitars, drums, and three to four chords.

Click here for more examples.

The word of the day is "truth."

There’s a new Word of the Day quiz for December 2015. This is Quiz #43.

The word of the day is "religion."

The word "serve" is today’s word of the day as we continue this month to develop vocabulary skills related to matters of faith. You can serve food and drinks at home or at a restaurant, but this word is also used to describe a person who works on behalf of his or her religion. In this case, a person serves God. A priest serves God. A Jewish scholar serves God. A person whose faith in Islam is strong can serve God. Anyone can serve the deity (god) that is at the heart of the religion.

One thing that many people have in common all over the world is that they pray. This is the word of the day.

This is a new video for the adverb "eventually."


The word of the day is "optimism."

A student (Thanks Franz!) sent in a request for the word "neither" as the word of the day, so here it is.

There’s a new quiz for the Purple Level for the verb "hold."

The word of the day is "mercy."

Next month I’m expecting a lot of new students to arrive on the website. This happens every year as people make resolutions for the new year and decide that they want to learn English. So there will be more of an emphasis on beginning level English beginning in January.

If you know anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of English, send them an email or let them know through Facebook about this website. Thanks!

Here’s a new video for the verb "hold."


The word of the day is "loyal."

There’s a new quiz for the Purple Level: Quiz #28 — work

The word "jolly" is often associated with the holiday season because of Santa Clause, but it’s a word used for other, well-known reasons. It’s an important word in a popular song, and it’s used to describe a big green man in Minnesota who helps to sell canned vegetables:


It’s during times like these that it’s important to remind everyone that the majority of Americans favor an inclusive society that doesn’t exclude people based on religion, gender, race, physical ability, choice of marriage partner, etc. The word of the day is "include."

The word of the day is "holy."

So now the pressure is on to get this one right….the word of the day is "God."

Upon request, here’s a new video that shows how to use vocabulary related to aches and pains:


The word of the day is "forget."

This video from yesterday (December 5) is of your teacher teaching in a regular classroom. Here I’m showing a class of 22 students how to conjugate verbs in the present perfect tense. If you can stretch this out on your computer or TV, it will feel like you are a student in my classroom.


I’m using these handouts with the students:

present perfect tense quiz #1

present perfect questions quiz #2

A thing that is eternal lasts forever. This word is often used when describing love, life, and death.

I sent out a lesson in an email today. Did you receive it? If not, make sure you sign up for emailed lessons, quizzes, and vocabulary exercises by clicking here.

Here’s what an email from your teacher might look like:


The past tense is often confused with the present perfect tense. That’s because they are both used to refer to past events. Here are the differences:

The past tense identifies something happened in the past or it happened at a very specific time:
• Regina finished her assignment.
• When did she finish it?
• She finished it last night.

The present perfect tense identifies something happened in the past, but it does not identify a specific time:
• Regina has finished her assignment. (When? I don’t know.)

The present perfect tense also shows the passage of time from the past to the present:
• Bob has lived in the same apartment since 2004.
• Sheila has had the same job for over 20 years.
• How long have you been here?

The present perfect tense also shows repetition of past activity:
• I’ve seen that movie dozens of times.
• We have been to New York just twice.
• Bertha has never eaten that kind of food.
(This shows zero times in the past.)
If you are uncertain of how to form the past tense click here.

If you need help with the present perfect tense, click here.

Now, try this exercise:

Directions: Complete each sentence or question with the past tense or the present perfect tense. The main verb is provided in parentheses. Some answers are negative.

  Write the answers in your notebook.

1. Howard _______ _________ the same car for over ten years. (have)

2. Donna never __________ the package. (get)

3. What time ________ they ________ last night? (leave) 

4. This ________ never __________ before. (happen)

5. Bob ________ _________ home until 11 p.m. (get–negative)

6. Where _________ you _________? (be)

7. ________ it __________ to have your tooth taken out? (hurt)

8. Why _________ they late this morning? (be)

9. Asha _________ __________ how to drive yet. (learn–negative)

10. The police _________ __________ the information yet. (release–negative)

How did you do? The answers are below. 

The word of the day is "divine."  In the month of December, the Word of the Day section is focusing on matters related to faith and religion. Other words so far this month have been….

Tuesday: angel

Wednesday: baptize

Thursday: church

If you are a new student and want to be included in the Photos section, please send an attachment of your lovely self and include your first name and the name of the country that you are from.

Answers:  1. has had; 2. got; 3. did…leave;
4. has…happened; 5. didn’t get; 6. have…been; 7. Did…hurt; 8. were; 9. hasn’t learned; 10. haven’t released

The word of the day is "church."

church church

I really appreciate all of the people who have written recently to say how much the website is helping them with their English. You know, I can’t respond to all of the email that I receive, but I try to get to most of it. So, thanks for letting me know that the website is making a difference.

The word of the day is "baptize."

In December, many of the reading exercises and words added to the Word of the Day section will focus on faith and religion.

Today’s word of the day is "angel."

Each course level on this website has a checklist. Print out and keep the checklist next to your computer, tablet, or phone and use it to track your progress as you move through the lessons:


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