There’s a new reading exercise for the Yellow Level: The holiday season is upon us.

The word of the day is "yoga."

I posted this on Facebook today:

pictures of students

This is a collage consisting of pictures of students who have visited the website within the last few months. Considering only a small fraction of people actually send in their photos, you can guess that the number of daily visitors around the world is quite large. Right now we seem to be averaging between 3000 to 5000 visitors per day. This is really thrilling for me as a teacher because I would like to believe that my work is having a positive impact on so many people.

The word of the day is "womb."

The day after Thanksgiving is known as "Black Friday" because it’s the start of the holiday shopping season. This is the time of the year when retailers make most of their money, thereby becoming profitable for the year. When a company is "in the black," it has made a profit. A company that is "in the red" is losing money.

The word of the day is "virus."

The Purple Level is intended for intermediate and advanced level students; however, beginning level students might also benefit from looking at the verbs that are listed there. All of the verbs in the Purple Level are among the most common verbs in English. They are particularly useful for conversation.

Today’s Purple Level lesson is on the verb "have." This verb serves as both a helping verb and a main verb, so it’s extremely important for you to know how "have" is used in any part of a sentence or question.

Everyone has to go to the bathroom. The elimination of waste is a basic process that your body goes through every day. The word of the day is "urine."

Without thumbs, it would be difficult to pick things up or handle objects. This is your word for the day.

The word of the day is "sneeze."

The word of the day is "react."

There’s a new Green Level reading exercise: Alice was taken to the hospital last weekend. You’ll notice the use of the passive voice is a little heavier than normal in this exercise.

The word of the day is "prick." This is what a nurse does when testing a person’s blood. It also means that something is sharp.

Here’s the Word of the Day quiz for November 2015.

An important part of good health maintenance is taking care of your mouth. The word of the day is "oral."

open mouth

The word of the day is "nurse."


The word of the day is "medicine."

Everyone I know is talking about the attacks that took place in the streets of Paris yesterday. It’s truly heartbreaking to see so many young and innocent people killed in such a cold-hearted manner. The United States is sure to support France in whatever action that it takes in response to this act of terrorism.

heart breaking heartbreaking

The word of the day is "lethal."


Did you receive today’s emailed lesson? Some lessons only appear in the form of email. They won’t appear on the website. If you aren’t signed up for email from your teacher, you can sign up here.

The word of the day is "knuckle."

We’re still collecting photos for the photos section. If you are a new student, send in your photo along with your first name and the name of the country that you currently live in. Thanks!


There’s a new reading exercise for the Yellow Level:

Do you want to go to college in the United States?

The word of the day is "juvenile."

Articles in English (a, an, and the) are a little difficult for some students, especially if their first language doesn’t have them. My own study of German revealed the difficulty of learning articles, and to this day I still make mistakes when speaking or writing in German because I don’t have enough practice. With practice comes the knowledge and skill you need to use articles properly.

This lesson might help you improve in your use of articles. It’s very basic but even advanced level students need practice in this area:

Blue Level Lesson Ten

The word of the day is "immune."

As we continue to study words related to health and sickness, it stands to reason that the word "health" would make a good addition to the Word of the Day section.

One way people get sick is when they are contact with each other. You can get the flu or possibly some type of disease from someone standing next to you. This is because of the presence of germs. Germs are living micro organisms that cause sickness. They spread from one person to another. This is one reason why it’s important for you to always wash your hands after visiting public areas.

Germs can’t be seen with the naked eye. You have to use a microscope to see them.


The word of the day is "fatigue."

The word of the day is "emergency."

The word of the day is "disease." A disease is a sickness. It’s fairly common to get a disease, but there are many different kinds. Some are lethal (deadly) while others are benign (not deadly).

The word of the day is "check." This what a doctor or a nurse does when you visit a clinic or a hospital. A doctor checks on your physical condition. He or she gives you a check up.

There’s a new reading exercise for the Blue Level: We’re giving blood at school today.

The word of the day is "bleed."

The theme for this month will be sickness and health. Most of the Word of the Day vocabulary, stories, and exercises will be about getting sick and staying healthy.

The word of the day is "ail."

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