The word "last" is a common adjective, but it can also be used a a verb:

  • The last thing I do at the end of the day is brush my teeth. (The word "last" is an adjective in this sentence.)
  • The classes last for an hour. (The word "last" is a verb in this sentence.)

Learn more about using "last" as a verb in this video:


Today’s word of the day is "patch." A patch is a repair or a relatively small area.

concrete patch They’re patching up an area of the street that was damaged.

The word of the day is "wonderful." This is a very popular word to use when something is very good.

Today summer begins. Twilight will last a long time tonight, so children can stay outside a little longer than they normally do.

twilight boy

Do you know what it means to "make do" with what you have?


Now that summer has arrived, many people in the United States will travel around the country. If you are one of them, the word "stay" is a good word to learn about.

Here’s a new quiz that matches the video below. All of the answers for the quiz begin with the letter R.

This new video features 50 words that begin with the letter R.


This exercise is from the email that was sent out yesterday to subscribers:

Directions: Choose "few" or "little" depending on the nouns used in each sentence.

1.  There were very _________ people at the party.

2. There’s a _________ milk left in the container.

3. The person who gave me the information provided _______ help.

4. A ______ of the trees in our backyard need to come down.

5. We have very _______ good options from which to choose.

6. There are a ________ children on the playground.

7.  My car needs a _________ gas.

8.  Bring a _______ water bottles to the beach.

9.  There was _______ that the doctors could do to save the man’s life.

10.  Opportunities for advancement at that company are _______ a far between. 


What are you doing nowadays?

This is a question someone might ask you to learn about your recent activity, especially if that person has not seen you in awhile. "Nowadays" is similar to "these days." To see and listen to some examples for this word, click here.

The word of the day is "income." An income is an amount of money that a person or a group of people produce, usually on a yearly basis.


The word of the day is "grant."

I’ll be sending out another emailed lesson later today, so keep your eyes out for it.

Here’s a new video for compound-complex sentences:


This exercise was included in today’s email:

Directions: Read each sentence or question very carefully. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb "be" in in the present tense, the past tense, or the present perfect tense. If negatives are required, use contracted forms.

1.  She _________ here last week.

2. How ________ you _________?

3. I don’t know where my shoes ________.

4. You are a new student, ________ you?

5. This ________ _________ easy, has it?

6. Where __________ they yesterday?

7. I’m not late, ________ I?

8. It ________ _________ a great pleasure working with you.

9. There _________ a lot of lettuce growing in our garden right now.

10. I wouldn’t do that if I __________ you. (subjunctive mood)

11. Those _________ very difficult tests last week.

12. This _________  a famous museum we ________ in right now.

13. How many days __________ it ___________ since we last saw each other?

14. Why __________ our teacher __________ in class lately?

15. I’m working tomorrow, __________ I?

Answers are below.  If you didn’t do very well on this exercise, you might need to study in the Orange Level this month, or you will have to review the first three levels: Blue, Red, and Yellow.

The word of the day is "boom."

1. was; 2. have…been; 3. are; 4. aren’t; 5. hasn’t been; 6. were; 7. am; 8. has been; 9. is; 10. were; 11. were; 12. is…are; 13. has…been; 14. has…been; 15. aren’t (Yes, the answer is "aren’t.")

Today students start on Lesson One in whatever level they have chosen for themselves. Students who began with me back in January should start working in the Orange Level today. Orange Level Lesson One is about simple sentences.

Each course level on this website has a checklist. Print out and keep the checklist next to your computer, tablet, or phone and use it to track your progress as you move through the lessons:


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