Many new students will be joining this website starting tomorrow. If you are one of them, start your lessons in the Blue Level with Lesson One.

I also recommend that new students download and print out the Blue Level checklist in order to keep track of progress. Keep this list next to your computer or whatever device you use for getting onto the internet.

The word of the day is "soap."

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The word of the day is "clue."

This is a really busy time of the year for me. I’ll post some new material soon. In the meantime, the word of the day is "snack."

Here’s a new video for the verb phrase "get into."


The word "done" is the past participle for the verb "do," but it’s important to remember that this word serves as an adjective that means something has been completed:

  • Are you done?
  • The project is done.
  • We’re not done yet.
  • This isn’t done.
  • The turkey isn’t done yet. (It hasn’t finished cooking.)
  • This is a done deal.

There’s a new reading exercise for the Green Level: Someone hurt Katie’s feelings.

a girl named Katie Katie

The word of the day is "plus."

The word of the day is "doubt." This is a good word to use if you aren’t sure if something is correct.


Today’s word of the day is "lid." A lid is a top for something. Lids help keep things fresh or protected.

lid for a pot  Put the lid on the pot.

The word of the day is "policy."

This new video shows different ways to use the word "instead."


Students who began studying on this website starting in September are moving on to the Green Level where they will study the passive voice. If you haven’t completed the first three levels–Blue, Red, and Yellow–you really should complete them before moving to the Green Level.

Each course level on this website has a checklist. Print out and keep the checklist next to your computer, tablet, or phone and use it to track your progress as you move through the lessons:


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