12. Someone hurt Katie's feelings.


This is Katie





go by: to be known as; to be called

bully: a person who enjoys harming other people

detention: a punishment that requires a student to remain in school after the school day has concluded.

get over: recover; heal

harassment: verbal or physical abuse

step in: intervene; try to help

sympathetic: a feeling of sadness for another person's bad situation.

weep / wept: cry



Someone hurt Katie's feelings.

While sitting in the back of Mrs. Ogilvie's seventh-grade math class, Katie was harassed and intimidated by a bully who goes by the name of Kevlar.

Kevlar said some mean things to Katie.  He criticized her math skills. He said the clothes that she was wearing were cheap. He even made fun of the way that she wears her hair!

When Katie tried to defend herself or say anything in response, he made fun of the way she talked. Some of the other kids in class who heard what Kevlar said laughed. That made the situation even worse.

One of Katie's friends told Kevlar to stop, but the harassment continued.

Katie began to cry. She put her head down on her desk and softly wept.

Finally, the teacher, Mrs. Ogilvie, stepped in. She has been a teacher for over forty years. She knew what to do with Kevlar.

Without saying a word, Mrs. Ogilvie walked over to Kevlar and handed him a note. When he opened it, his face turned bright red. What was written on the note? Kevlar immediately stopped his harassment.

After class was over, Katie stopped by Mrs. Ogilvie's desk to tell her what had happened. Mrs. Ogilvie was very sympathetic and reassuring. She told Katie that Kevlar was given a detention and that she would call Kevlar's mother that afternoon to tell her about how her son behaved in class.

Katie felt a little better afterwards, but she still felt the pain of being humiliated in front of the other students. No matter what kind of punishment awaited Kevlar, Katie's feelings were hurt. It would take some time to get over this experience.

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Now you try it. Read the paragraphs above. If you have a microphone, you can record your voice and compare it to my voice.


Check your comprehension. Choose the best answer for each question:

1. During which class does this story take place?

a. English     b. science     c. geography    d. math

2. What kind of a person is Kevlar?

a. mean    b. rude     c. apologetic     d. sympathetic

3. How did Kevlar make Katie feel?

a. appreciated     b. embarrassed     c. shy     d. cross

4. What did Mrs. Ogilvie give to Kevlar?

a. a stone    b. a warning    c. a detention    d. a pass

5. How long has Mrs. Ogilvie been a teacher?

a. 10 years    b. 15 years    c. 20 years    d. 40 years


Answers: 1. d     2. a     3. b    4. c     5. d

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