simplepastpast participle


Present Tense: say / says

She says she’s from Viet Nam.

Present Continuous Tense: saying

What is she saying?

Past Tense: said

She said that she came from Viet Nam.

Infinitive: She wants to say something.  

Gerund: Do you practice saying things in English?  

Practice:  write

Directions: Write the correct form of the verb "say" according to the verb tense requested:

1. What ________ he _________ to you? (past tense)

2. Who __________ that? (past tense)

3. I would like ________ _________ something. (infinitive)

4. They ________ _________ a lot of mean things to each other. (present perfect tense)

5. What ________ he __________? (present continuous tense)

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Answers: 1. did….say; 2. said; 3. to say; 4. have said; 5. is….saying