Green Level Quiz #15 – passive gerunds

  write Write the answers in your notebook.

Directions: Use the verb in parentheses to create a passive gerund for each sentence or question.

Example: He hates  being    told  what to do. (tell)

1. The baby likes _________ ___________ by her mother. (hold)

2. They’re afraid of _________ __________ because the neighborhood is dangerous. (attack)

3. The students don’t look forward to __________ _________ on their math skills. (test)

4. __________ ___________ to live in solitary confinement was very difficult. (force)

5. Rabbits live in fear of __________ ___________ alive by a fox or a large bird. (eat)

6. The customer insists on _________ ___________ a refund for his purchase. (give)

7. _________ __________ at the moment are the concerns of the parents. (address)

8. Martha hates __________ __________ to stay late at work. (ask)

9. __________ __________ for a suit is necessary if you want it to fit properly. (measure)

10. Forced to give up her driver’s license, Gertrude doesn’t like __________ __________ around town by her daughter. (drive)

Click here for the answers.