Green Level Quiz #16 – causative verbs

  write Write the answers in your notebook.

Directions: Rewrite each sentence so that it uses the causative verbs get or have. Pay attention to verb tense.

Example: John paid a landscaper to cut his grass. (have)  John had his grass cut by a landscaper.

 We hired a progessional to paint our house. (get)  We got our house painted by a professional.

1. We paid a mechanic to fix our car. (have)  ______________________________________________________________________.

2. Binte went to a manicurist who did her nails. (have)  ______________________________________________________________.

3. Bob hired a handyman to fix his door. (get)  _____________________________________________________________________.

4. The company found a caterer to prepare the food. (have) ___________________________________________________________.

5. Linda pays an accountant to do her taxes. (have) _________________________________________________________________.

6. We should call a plumber to replace the toilet. (get) _______________________________________________________________.

7. They might find a professional to manage this. (have) _____________________________________________________________.

8. You should go to a doctor to look at that. (get) ___________________________________________________________________.

9. Mike will pay a lawyer to review the documents. (have) ___________________________________________________________.

10. Lisa and Tom hired a company to clean their gutters. (get) ________________________________________________________.

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