"go" + preposition: Quiz #10

Directions: Complete each sentence with the correct preposition following the verb "go." In some of these sentences, two or more prepositions might be required. In some cases, there might be more than one choice for a preposition.

Example: Killing another person goes __________ many people’s religious beliefs. (In the blank put "against.")  

1. Hector and Nadia are going ____________ a difficult divorce.

2. We should ask our friends if they want to go ____________ a movie.

3. If you’re the next person in line, the person behind you goes ___________ you.

4. The train goes right ____________ our building regularly.

5. The file marked "D" goes ___________ the files makred "C" and "E."

6. I have to go ___________ the store to get some milk.

7. Lynne is going ___________ a Master’s degree in engineering.

8. The price of a gallon of gas went __________ ____________ $1.80 per gallon to over $2.00 a gallon.

9. The police officer was commended for going ____________ and ____________ the call of duty.

10. The fire will go ____________ if you don’t keep adding firewood to it.

11. You only have a few items in your shopping cart. You may go ____________ ____________ me.

12. Let’s all go __________ ___________ some pizzas. Everyone chip in five bucks.

13. The fastest way to go ____________ the Atlantic Ocean is by plane.

14. The students went ____________ some study questions together before their big test.

15. The woman wouldn’t stop talking. She just went __________ and ____________.

16. Candles go __________ __________ __________ a birthday cake.

17. A person can’t go ____________ water for more than three days.

18. The party went ___________ midnight, and then everyone left.

19. It’s more fun to go ___________ vacation with your friends than to go alone.

20. The money we’re saving is going to go ____________ the purchase of a house.

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