Prepositions Quiz #2

Directions: Complete each sentence with the correct preposition. Choose from the word bank below:

between by during   for from    in   in front of

1. Helena received a letter _______________ her brother.

2. There’s a cab parked ________________ the apartment building.

3. What did you do _______________ the day yesterday?

4. My flight was very uncomfortable. I had to sit _______________ two very large people.

5. Please get ______________ the car so we can go.

6. What company do you work _______________ now?

7. ________________ the 1980s, John and Mary lived in Portland, Oregon.

8. He made a very large amount of money _______________ working as a stockbroker.

9. Some students don’t like to speak English ________________ people they don’t know.

10. I have lived in Minnesota _______________ 19 years.

11. What did you learn _______________ your teacher today?

12. We should keep this a secret. This is _______________ only you and me.

13. She works _______________ advertising for a small company.

14. Which dealership did you buy your car _______________?

15. When we returned to school in the fall, our teacher asked us what we did _______________ the summer break.

16. I forgot who the book was written _______________. Do you remember the name of the author?

17. Tom had to get _______________ two men who were about to fight each other.

18. How much did you get _______________ your car?

19. There’s a spare tire _______________ the trunk of the car.

20. No one can see the TV if you’re standing ________________ it.


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