Prepositions Quiz #3

Directions: Complete each sentence with the correct preposition. Choose from the word bank below:

into  next to of  off  on onto  out

1. Someone left a gallon of milk _______________ the kitchen counter and didn’t put it away.

2. There’s a married couple sitting ________________ each other and holding hands.

3. Scientists are _______________ discovering new ways to generate electricity cleanly and cheaply.

4. Tom’s four-year-old niece threw her doll _______________ the window and it landed on the street below.

5. There are billions and billions _______________ stars in the universe.

6. Please take _______________ your hat when you enter the church.

7. Javier walked quietly _______________ the classroom hoping the teacher wouldn’t notice he was late.

8. I made the mistake of parking my car _________________ a fire hydrant, and it was towed away.

9. After a two-hour meeting this morning, Linda is ________________ a one-hour meeting in the afternoon.

10. There was a very interesting program ________________ the radio yesterday about the war in Afghanistan.

11. Is Sam _______________ the phone yet? He called his girlfriend an hour ago, and I need to talk to him.

12. There’s a customer _______________ front who needs some help. Can you help her please?

13. A group of girls are playing volleyball _______________ the beach.

14. We need to get a couple gallons _______________ milk at the store.

15. If you put your money ________________ a savings account, it will earn interest over time.

16. Tom and Alice live _______________ a very nice family from Iran.

17. The government is trying to work _______________ a solution for the nation’s unemployment problems.

18. That old building a few doors down from was _______________ fire, so we called 911.

19. The fire department came and put _______________ the fire.

20. Kelly is really _______________ house, techno, and other kinds of music that gets played at the clubs.


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