Prepositions Quiz #4

Directions: Complete each sentence with the correct preposition. Choose from the word bank below:

in  on at

1. They live _______________ Madison Avenue in Chicago.

2. She works _______________ a very big company.

3. Look! That house is _______________ fire.

4. I can pick you up if you tell me where you’re _______________.

5. We read about the accident _______________ the newspaper.

6. Jorge misses his family. They all live _____________ Mexico.

7. Sue’s dentist has an office ______________ the fifth floor of this building.

8. Many cities in Florida have hotels that are ______________ the ocean.

9. He’s very good _______________ working with his hands.

10. When my daughter goes to college, she’s going to major ______________ philosophy.

11. Someone threw a rock and hit Gabriel _______________ the head.

12. I live _______________ 2105 Main Street.

13. Tony’s Pizzeria is located _______________ Park Avenue.

14. Do you think human beings will ever land _______________ the planet Mars?

15. There are a lot of fish that live ______________ the ocean.

16. She’s working _______________ getting a college degree.

17. She wants to get a job _______________ education.

18. She would like to teach ______________ a high school.

19. Please sit _______________ the table. We’re going to eat.

20. There’s too much food ______________ my plate.


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