Prepositions Quiz #6

Directions: Complete each sentence with the correct preposition. Choose from the word bank below:

towards underneath  until  up  with within  without

1. During the earthquake, the ground ________________ my feet began to shake.

2. When was the last time he went an entire day ________________ a cigarette?

3. Lisa likes to go shopping for clothes _________________ her friends to get their advice.

4. The money that Bing is saving will go ________________ college for her kids.

5. People who live in southern and central Minnesota like to travel _______________ north during the summer.

6. On the weekend, Loni doesn’t wake up ________________ 10 a.m. in the morning.

7. Is there a mosque that they can go to ________________ the city?

8. The subway ________________ the city can get people to their destinations very quickly.

9. This street goes ________________ a very dangerous neighborhood.

10. It’s probably going to rain, so don’t leave ________________ an umbrella.

11. The airport is ________________ a fifteen-minute drive.

12. As you walk ________________ the entrance of the fairgrounds, you’ll see the person selling tickets.

13. It’s more difficult to travel _______________ the river than down it because the current flows south.

14. Vic won’t be coming home _______________ next summer.

15. Amish farmers build their houses _______________ using electricity or modern equipment.

16. What do you think she looks like ________________ those dark sunglasses

17. I fertilized my vegetables ________________ compost and the results were very good.

18. The sun will go down _______________ the next hour or so.

19. He left the house _______________ his cell phone, so he drove back home to get it.

20. Looking _______________ the future, they’ve decided to save money for a new house.


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