Prepositions for Time: Quiz #7

Directions: Complete each sentence with the correct preposition. Choose from the word bank below:

about  at  during for  in on  within 

1. Our plane will be landing ___________ ten minutes.

2. What do you do ____________ the day?

3. It’s going to take ____________ fifteen to twenty minutes for the pizza to be ready.

4. Meet me ___________ exactly 3:30.

5. They got to the train station just ___________ time before the train left.

6. Nora never comes to class ___________ time.

7. John came ____________ one year of retiring from his job before he died.

8. The church parking lot is always full ____________ Sundays.

9. There’s ____________ a minute remaining before the games ends.

10. Sometimes she can’t sleep ____________ night, so she takes medicine that makes her drowsy.

11. There were two women talking ____________ the entire movie. They wouldn’t be quiet.

12. We can’t wait ____________ the concert to begin. This is going to be great!

13. The books we ordered through Amazon should be here ___________ the next three to five days.

14. _____________ the wedding ceremony, it started to rain, and everyone who didn’t have an umbrella got soaked.

15. The class lasted ___________ over three hours. That was too long!

16. I’ll meet you ____________ an hour at the entrance to the store. Wait for me if I’m not there by that time.

17. They talked on the phone ___________ almost four hours.

18. He refuses to work ____________ the weekends because he wants to spend time with his family.

19. The alarm clock is set ____________ 5:30 a.m.

20. We’re looking ____________ a two-hour wait at the airport before our plane leaves.


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