“get” + preposition: Quiz #9

Directions: Complete each sentence with the correct preposition following the verb “get.” In some of these sentences, two prepositions might be required. In some cases, there might be more than one choice for a preposition.

Example: That noise is starting to get ___on___ my nerves.  

 The defendant was able to get ___away___ ___with____ murder.

1. I told my kids to get ____in_______ the back seat of the car and put on their seatbelts.

2. It’s not easy to get ____into_____ a really good college.

3. How much did you get _____for_____ your car when you sold it?

4. Rachel is still trying to get _____over______ the death of her husband.

5. The best way to get _____aound_______ town is to ride a bike.

6. It’s 8:00 a.m.  If Peter doesn’t get _____out______ _____of____bed soon, he’s going to be late for work.

7. To get ____over______ the river, drivers have to drive over this bridge. (or “across”)

8. To get ____through_______ the tunnel, drivers will have to pay a toll.

9. How well do you get ____along______ ___with______ your coworkers?

10. A local resident should be able to tell us how to get ____to______ the nearest hospital.

11. The truck driver decided to get _____off______ the highway because he needed some gas.

12. Joe thought he had the right key for the door to the house, but he couldn’t use it to get ___in______.

13. The next train station is our stop. That’s where we have to get ____off______.

14. What time will she get ____out_____ ______of_____ work tonight. (or “off from”)

15. It’s hard to get ____by_______ on a minimum wage salary.

16. If Sam would get _____out_____ more often, he’d be able to meet new people.

17. The best way to get _____on_____ a horse is by using a saddle.

18. The main message that they got ____from_______ the meeting was that the company needed to increase sales.

19. Get ____out____ ____of______ there! It’s dangerous.

20. When going to bed in the winter, people get ____under_______ the covers to keep warm. (or “underneath”)



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