Purple Level

write  Exercise 1: tell

Directions: Rewrite each command using the verb "tell" in in the past tense. Pay attention to the way pronouns change from direct speech to indirect speech.


A man said to you: "Don’t go in there."

He told me not to go in there.


1. A woman said to her son: "Put down the apple."

She ____________________________________________________.


2. Your roommate said to you: "Close the door."

My roommate ____________________________________________.


3. You said to your friend: "Hurry up."

I ______________________________________________________.


4. You said to him: "Don’t forget your jacket."

I ______________________________________________________.


5. A police officer said to a driver: "Slow down."

A police officer ___________________________________________.


6. The doctor said to her patient: "Eat less red meat."

The doctor _______________________________________________.


7. Your sister said to you: "Turn off the TV."

My sister _________________________________________________.


8. Your mother said to your brother: "Be careful."

She _____________________________________________________.


9. The teacher said to the students: "Don’t talk during the test."

10. He ___________________________________________________.


10. Your boss said to you: "Don’t be late tomorrow."

My boss __________________________________________________.


Did you write all of the answers in your notebook? write

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