Purple Level

Lesson One


go / went / gone / going

The verb “go” is one of the first verbs to learn in English, but many students make mistakes with it, especially in the past tense –“went.”


 1. He usually goes shopping at this store.

He went shopping here yesterday.


2. They’re going on a trip to Chicago.

3. Bobby goes to see a lot of movies.

He went with his friends last week, but today he decided to go by himself.


4. I have to go to the bathroom.

In public places…

I have to go to the restroom. or….

….men’s room / ladies’ room / washroom


5. Water goes into a tea kettle.

The tea kettle goes on the stove where the water is heated.


6. The little girl can’t go into this section of the house.

She can only go to those areas of the house that are safe.

7. Where does my name go? It goes on the top line? Okay. form

These videos can help you learn more about the different ways we use the verb “go.”

present tense: go / goes
past tense: went
future: will go
present continuous: am / are / is going
past continuous: was / were going
future continuous: will be going
present perfect: has / have gone
past perfect: had gone
future perfect: will have gone
present perfect continuous: has / have been going
past perfect continuous: had been going
future perfect continuous: will have been going
modal verbs: ______ go
past tense modal: ______ have gone
infinitive: to go
gerund: going
passive: no
Click here to learn about idioms using the verb “go.”
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