Purple Level Quiz #5: go  write

Directions: Put the verb “go” into the correct verb tense or form.

1. He _________________ to a very good school. (present tense)

2. She _________________ shopping last night. (past tense)

3. I _________________ to the post office this afternoon. (future tense)

4. They __________________ without electricity for several days. (present perfect tense)

5. My wife and I ____________________ down to the hotel lobby to get some coffee. (present continuous tense)

6. That car _____________________ too fast before it came to the curve and wiped out. (past continuous tense)

7. Rachel ______________________ to the dance with Joe this weekend. (future continuous tense)

8. The survivors of the earthquake ____________________ without water for three days before they were saved. (past perfect tense)

9. How long __________ you ______________________ to that doctor? (present perfect continuous tense)

10. __________ I ____________ the right way, or should I turn around? (present continuous tense)

11. You ____________________________ into the store now. It’s open. (modal verb: can)

12. Jennifer _____________________________ because she’s working. (idiomatic modal verb: be able to, negative)

13. You ____________________ to a doctor and get that cough checked out. (modal verb: should)

14. Her new car _______________________ very fast. (present tense, negative)

15. My brother wants ___________________________ to China someday. (infinitive)

16. ___________ you ____________ to that concert last night? (past tense)

17. Where ___________ the information ____________ on this form? (present tense)

18. This game ____________________________ very well for the home team. (present continuous tense, negative)

19. Where ___________ all the time ____________? We have to leave. (present perfect tense)

20. _____________ to the dentist is not my favorite thing to do. (gerund)


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