Purple Level

Lesson Fourteen


say / said / said / saying


The verb "say" is an important verb because we use it to describe the words of another person.

Pay attention to the differences between "say" and "tell."

"Say" is a little idiomatic. You will hear this verb when you don’t expect it.

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1. The doctor said I was okay.


"You’re okay," the doctor said.

doctor writing

2. The chef says that the best meat on the turkey comes from the breast.

man carving turkey

3. A: What does the paper say about the weather for today?

B: the newspaper says that it might rain.

(Use "say" for information and opinions from newspapers and magazines)


man reading

4. A: What does this picture say to you?

B: It says that money is going down the drain.

(Note: The verb "say" is used for art: pictures, poems, films, sculpture, etc. What is the artist trying to say?)

someone saying something

5. The people in this meeting aren’t listening to what their boss is saying. They’re thinking about the weekend.

business meeting

6. It has been said that Jesus was a prophet and a great religious leader. (present perfect passive voice)



7. The number of hours that he spends practicing says a lot about his commitment to the game.

playing soccer


present tense: say / says
past tense: said
future: will say
present continuous: am / is / are / saying
past continuous: was / were saying
future continuous: will be saying
present perfect: has / have said
past perfect: had said
future perfect: will have said
present perfect continuous: has / have been saying
past perfect continuous: had been saying
future perfect continuous: not recommended
modal verbs: ______ say
past tense modal: ______ have said
infinitive: to say
gerund: saying
passive: yes
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