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Lesson Two 


get / got / gotten / getting


The verb "get" has many different meanings and uses. Look in a dictionary and you will see hundreds of possibilities. It’s also used as a substitute for the verb "be" in the passive voice–but not always. It depends on the verb.

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 1. Professional athletes get a lot of money for simply playing a game.

They get paid a lot.  (passive)


2. A lot of leaves got into the gutter, so now I have to get them out of there.

house gutter

3. When a tomato gets red, you know it’s ready to pick and eat. I’ll be getting a lot of tomatoes from my garden this summer.


4. He got breakfast ready for his wife very early in the morning. She just got up.


5. He got tied up by someone who broke into his apartment and stole all his stuff. (passive)

man tied up

6. They’re working very hard to get the dishes done. Getting the dishes done by hand takes longer than using a dishwasher.

doing the dishes
present tense: get / gets
past tense: got
future: will get
present continuous: am / are / is getting
past continuous: was / were getting
future continuous: will be getting
present perfect: has / have gotten
past perfect: had gotten
future perfect: will have gotten
present perfect continuous: has / have been getting
past perfect continuous: had been getting
future perfect continuous: will have been getting
modal verbs: ______ get
past tense modal: ______ have gotten
infinitive: to get
gerund: getting
passive: possible but sounds a little strange
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