Purple Level Quiz #6: get  write

Directions: Put the verb “get” into the correct verb tense or form.

1. Our teacher __________ to school early in the morning. (present tense)

2. He __________ mad at his friends because they laughed at him. (past tense)

3. You __________________ your food in about ten minutes. (future tense)

4. My wife ____________________ everything she ever wanted. (present perfect tense)

5. It ____________________ dark. We should go inside. (present continuous tense)

6. George’s son ____________________________ bad grades in school. (present perfect continuous tense)

7. We ___________________________ a new computer soon. (future continuous tense)

8. What kind of salary __________ he __________ at his job? (present tense)

9. Matt ____________________ home until 2:30 in the morning. (past tense, negative)

10. ________ the sun ____________ in your eyes? (present continuous tense)

11. Why __________ you ___________ any time off from work? (modal verb: can, negative)

12. They ____________________ a new microwave because their old one broke. (idiomatic modal verb: have to)

13. The students noticed their teacher ___________________ angry, so they stopped talking. (past continuous tense)

14. How many pounds of chicken __________ you __________ at the store? (past tense)

15. My fingers kept ________________ cut by the thorns on the braches, so I put on some gloves. (gerund)

16. She likes ___________________ to work before everyone else. (infinitive)

17. You _____________________ hot under that heavy uniform. (modal verb: must)

18. The movie _______________ boring, so we left early. (past tense)

19. If he ____________________ that job, he would have needed to move in with his parents. (past perfect tense, negative)

20. ___________________ to the airport in time for our flight is going to be difficult. (gerund)


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