Purple Level

Lesson Twenty-three


send / sent / sent / sending

The verb "send" is used when a person or thing moves an object from one place to another.



1. He’s going to send a letter to his grandmother.

2. Her boyfriend sent her some flowers.

send flowers

3. Have you ever sent flowers to someone?


4. In the United States, most children are sent to school by the age of five or six.

send to school

5. She’s sending an email to someone she works with.


6. Sometimes she sends text messages instead of email.

text message
7. Tina got lost as she was driving, but a man working at a gas station sent her in the right direction.
send down the highway
8. Bob’s company is sending him to China on a business trip.
send to china


present tense: send / sends
past tense: sent
future: will send
present continuous: am / are / is sending
past continuous: was / were sending
future continuous: will be sending
present perfect: has / have sent
past perfect: had sent
future perfect: will have sent
present perfect continuous: has / have been sending
past perfect continuous: had been sending
future perfect continuous: will have been sending
modal verbs: ______ send
past tense modal: ______ have sent
infinitive: to send
gerund: sending
passive: yes

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