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Lesson Twenty-four


do / did / done / doing

The verb "do" has many different uses. It’s a helping verb and it’s a main verb. In this lesson, we’ll learn about its use as a main verb.

When used as a main verb, "do" often refers to activities involving routine tasks such as cleaning, working, studying, and shopping.

1. I have to do some cleaning today.

I usually do a lot of cleaning on the weekend.

When do you do your housework?


2. She’s doing some sweeping.

(Note: Try to follow "do" with words like "some," "a little," or "a lot of.")


3. She does her work on the computer.

work on computer
4. You should do as much reading as possible in English in order to improve your vocabulary.

5. People in Asian countries often do their shopping in outdoor markets like this one.


6. Do you do any exercising?

7. He’s doing a test on some water.
do a test
8. They like to do a little fishing and canoeing when they go on vacation.
9. The Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater in Minneapolis does a lot of work for the May Day parade every year.


present tense: do / does
past tense: did
future: will do
present continuous: am / are / is doing
past continuous: was / were doing
future continuous: will be doing
present perfect: has / have done
past perfect: had done
future perfect: will have done
present perfect continuous: has / have been doing
past perfect continuous: had been doing
future perfect continuous: will have been doing
modal verbs: ______ do
past tense modal: ______ have done
infinitive: to do
gerund: doing
passive: yes


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