Purple Level Quiz #2   write by hand

Directions: Choose the verbs from the box below to complete each sentence. Please write the answers by hand in a notebook.


1. Our neighbors had to __________ their vacation short and go home because of an illness in the family.

2. Rosa didn’t __________ when she would be home.

3. I __________ to get some bread and milk from the store.

4. Few people thought Barack Obama would win when he decided to __________ for President of the United States.

5. We have to __________ at the party before 6:00 p.m.

6. Why don’t you __________ over to my house and we’ll play football.

7. Does Joe __________ to play, too?

8. Where do you __________ your aspirin. I have a headache.

9. Is Victor going to __________ anyone about what happened last weekend?

10. __________ on your best behavior when the neighbors come for a visit.

11. What did your teacher __________ when he noticed the books were stolen from the classroom?

12. We __________ to find a place to stop the car.

13. Sandra will probably get her hair __________ tomorrow.

14. Can you __________ to the store real quick and get some oregano?

15. It was necessary to __________ the information a secret.

16. What time did the sun __________ up this morning?

17. __________ us about your trip to Jamaica.

18. It’s been so dry lately, the garden will _________ to be watered.

19. What do you __________ to order for dinner?

20. She learned to __________ the piano when she was eight.


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