13. Miguel moved to the United States from Brazil.





This is MIguel.

soccer player

Miguel loves to play soccer.


adjust: to make changes

by far: without any doubt

footwork: the ability to use one’s feet

rejoin: to be a member of a group again

sophomore: the second year in an American high school; tenth grade

struggle: difficulty


Miguel moved to the United States from Brazil three years ago. He lives with his mother and his sister in a small house that they rent in Minneapolis. His father, Alfredo, stayed behind in Brazil because he owns a small business. He’ll rejoin the family sometime next year.

Miguel’s family had to wait almost ten years to immigrate to the United States. They applied for a visa when Miguel was two years old. They didn’t realize it would take so long to obtain permission to enter the United States. They’re happy about their new lives, but they get homesick from time to time, and they miss Alfredo.

Miguel is gradually adjusting to his new life in Minneapolis. He still struggles a little with his English, but his new American friends are helping him learn about the language and the culture. He’s in his second year in high school, which means he’s a sophomore. He has two more years to go before he graduates. His grades are good and he’s very active in sports. He plays American-style football in the fall and soccer in the spring.

Miguel is by far the best soccer player on the high school team. The other kids he plays with are impressed by his skill and his energy. He really puts a lot of effort into this sport. Miguel’s teammates have nicknamed him "Flash" because he’s so fast and his footwork is dazzling. Kids on other teams refer to him as "the Brazillian."

It was hard for MIguel to leave Brazil, but Miguel’s mother and father decided that he and his sister would have greater opportunities for success by moving to the U.S. At first, Miguel was very sad; however, there are many exciting opportunities for him in this country. He hopes to attend the University of Minnesota, but he’s not sure what he’s going to study yet. Miguel feels good about his future here. He feels as though he can do anything he wants to do and be successful.

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