19. Tammy gets along with everyone.




nice woman

This is Tammy. She’s so nice!

another woman

This is Natalie. She’s a coworker and a friend.


challenging environment: a place of work that requires hard work and concentration

field: area of employment

fortunate: lucky

IT: information technology

people person: a person who likes and gets along with other people

server: a type of computer that stores large amounts of information and data, and/or provides access to websites

team: a group of people who are organized for a common purpose


Tammy gets along with everyone at the company where she works. She’s been there for almost two years, and she’s made quite a few friends among her coworkers. Tammy is a good listener and she supports the ideas of others. She’s a real people person. She’s fun to be around, and she does whatever she can to help the company be successful.

What does she do? Natalie works in the area of Information technology. She helps to manage the network servers for the company. It’s a very important job. She has to make sure that the servers are operating properly and are well maintained. If the servers go down, no one can access the information that is stored on them.

She has to be very patient, and she has to work well with other people. It takes a well-organized team of people to get the job done. Almost all of the employees at this young company are under the age of 30, but they’re well-disciplined workers and they enjoy a challenging environment.

It used to be unusual for a woman to work entirely with computers in the area of IT (information technology) at a large corporation, but not now. More women are getting into this field. Tammy isn’t sure if she’s going to stay in IT her entire career. She would like to start her own business someday, but she’s not sure what that might be.

The person that Tammy spends most of her time with is Natalie. They work well together, and they enjoy each other’s company. They often go out for lunch together, and sometimes they do things together on the weekend. They’re both about the same age, and they’re both unmarried.

Tammy feels fortunate to have found a job where she is able to work with people that she likes.

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