20. Oscar and Angela are dating.




oscar and angela

Oscar and Angela are usually happy

together–but not always.


date: to meet with another person

hint: to indirectly indicate a preference

jealous: to feel concern, worry, or anger when a relationship feels threatened, usually by another person

occassionally: sometimes

relationship: knowledge of and regular contact with another person. In this story, the word "relationship" refers to a romance.

tension: difficulty

text: to communicate with print messages on a cell phone

things: a situation; ideas; anything. This word has many different uses.

wonder: to think about a possibility


Oscar and Angela are dating. They’ve been seeing each other for about six months, and they say they’re happy when they’re together, but their friends say that the two of them aren’t really getting along.

Here’s how their relationship began: Oscar asked Angela if she would have lunch with him. She said that she couldn’t because she had something going on at work that needed her attention. So Oscar thought she wasn’t interested in him. Then, the next day she texted him and asked if he wanted to go see a movie. That was their first date. They had a great time!

On their second date, they went out for dinner at a place that had Thai food. Angela likes spicy food but Oscar doesn’t. He likes pizza and sandwiches. But they learned that they had some things in common. They both come from large families, they both enjoy traveling, and they both like to jog for exercise. So at first, everything was going very well., and they started to see each other almost every day.

Now, Oscar is hinting that he wants things to get more serious, but Angela isn’t sure. She likes him, but sometimes she wonders if he’s the right person for her. Occassionally, Oscar says things that Angela doesn’t like, and he’s a little critical of her friends. He also gets jealous very easily.

They had a big fight a few weeks ago. Oscar got mad at Angela because she didn’t call him to find out what he was doing on a Saturday night. Instead, she went out with her friends and didn’t tell him where she was going. Since then there’s been a little tension between them. We’ll see what happens in the future.

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