6. Barb and Don recycle.

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a recycling bin




Barb and Don recycle. They keep recyclable materials in a recycling bin in their garage. They put paper and cardboard, bottles, cans, and plastic containers in the bin. On the day when their garbage is picked up, their recycling is picked up separately from the garbage and taken to a recycling center.

Barb and Don recycle because they know it’s the right thing to do. Recycling saves landfill space, and it reduces the amount of energy needed to turn raw materials into consumer products. Recycling also helps to reduce water and air pollution.

In addition to recycling, Barb and Don keep a compost pile in their backyard. Instead of throwing away biodegradable waste such as fruit and vegetables or grass and leaves, they put all of those things into a large pile of dirt in their backyard. Occasionally, they turn the dirt over to mix the waste together. Over time, the compost pile absorbs the organic materials and then they can use the compost in their gardens to provide a rich source of nutrients for their plants.


bin: a large container for storing things

biodegradable: natural absorption by the environment.

landfill: an area for the long-term storage of garbage. This is usually a large hole in the ground that is lined by plastic.

raw materials: natural materials that are changed into products intended for consumption.

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