Red Level Quiz #15 – Possessive Pronouns (ANSWERS)

Part A.

Directions: Complete each sentence with a matching verb and a possessive pronoun that matches the subject. (20 points)


 He wore his raincoat today.

    She wore hers today, too.  

1. I rode my bike to school today.

 You ____rode yours______to school today, too.

2. They visit their relatives in the summer.

 We ____visit ours__________in the winter.

3. My wife works on her computer in an office.

 I _____work on mine _________at home.

4. They brought their dog to the park.

 You ____brought yours _________to the park, too.

5. He teaches his classes with a computer.

 She _____teaches hers _________with a computer, too.

6. She likes her classes.

 He _____likes his ___________, too.

7. I ate my breakfast quickly.

 My kids _____ate theirs _________quickly, too.

8. You got your hair cut.

 I ______got mine ___________cut, too.

9. We got our mail already.

   They ____got theirs ________ already, too.

10. I listen to my radio in the car.

 You ____listen to yours ________at home.

Part B.

Directions: Complete each sentence with the possessive pronoun that matches the word in parentheses.


   My car doesn’t work.

     His   doesn’t work either. (a man)

1. Her back hurts.

 __Mine ____ hurts a little, too. ( I )

2. Their house needs a lot of work.

 ___Yours ______ needs a lot of work, too. (you)

3. My tires are low.

 __Hers _____ are low, too. (a woman)

4. His house is on this street.

 __Hers _____ is on this street, too. (a woman)

5. Your order will be ready soon.

 ___Theirs____ will be ready in ten minutes. (a group of people)

6. His wisdom teeth were pulled last year.

 ___Mine _____ were pulled a few years ago. ( I )

7. Your wife is a really good cook.

 ___His ______ is a good cook, too. (my brother)

8. My handwriting isn’t very good.

  ___Hers _____ isn’t very good either. (my sister)

9. Their tuition for school increased this year.

 ___Ours _____ increased this year, too. (we)

10. Her English test is this week.

 ____His ______ was last week. (a man)


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