Can you answer these questions?

Write your answer in complete sentences:  write by hand  

1. Q: What kind of fruit is growing on this tree?

A: __________________________.

2. Q: How many apples do you see growing on this branch?

A: ____________________________.

3. Q: What is the outside of an apple called?

A: _______________________________.

4. Q: What is the middle part of an apple called? (This is the hard area that contains the seeds.)

A: ________________________________.

5. Q: What color are most apples when they are ripe?

A: ________________________________.

6. Q: Besides eating apples raw, what’s another popular way of eating apples?

A: __________________________________.

7. Q: How do you get apples off of a tree?

A: ___________________________________.

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* The apples that you see in the picture above are from one of the apple trees in my yard.