Directions: Choose the best words to complete each sentence.

  argue average  blend  cough  dread  dull  fool  gradual  hire  lousy  mourn  nudge  raw  shoot unique  write  

1. Todd acted like a __________ at the wedding. He embarrassed himself and his family.

2. Will this company __________ someone with a criminal record?

3. If Bill weren’t feeling so __________, he’d go to work today–but he’s too sick.

4. The __________ age at which men get married in the United States is 28.

5. It’s not a good idea to __________ with a police officer if you’ve done something wrong.

6. This knife is too __________ to cut through the rope.

7. __________ me a postcard when you get to Paris.

8. There was a feeling of __________ as families gathered to see the names of passengers killed in the accident.

9. A __________ opportunity that comes around only once in a lifetime presented itself, so Vera took advantage of it.

10. Whenever a person handles __________ chicken, it’s necessary to wash with hot soap and water the utensils and surfaces that touched the chicken.

11. After years of smoking, Brian has a very bad __________.

12. The doctors say that she’s making a slow but __________ improvement after her surgery.

13. The people of Boston continue to __________ the loss of life following the two bombs that exploded during the running of the Boston Marathon.

14. If you give the machine a __________, it’ll start to work again.

15. A group of filmmakers want to ___________ a movie in our neighborhood.



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Answers: 1. fool ; 2. hire; 3. lousy; 4. average; 5. argue; 6. dull; 7. Write; 8. dread; 9. unique;

10. raw ; 11. cough; 12. gradual; 13. mourn; 14. nudge ; 15. shoot


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