A label is something that provides information about a product.

  • The label on the bottle of medicine is hard to read.
  • Can you read this label for me, please?
  • What does the label say?
  • You have to read the label to know what’s inside the product.


labeled food

  • Do you read the nutrition label before making a purchase?
  • In the United States, all food products have to have a nutrition label.

nutrition label

nutrition label

Sometimes this word is used as a verb:

  • The company hasn’t labeled the product yet.
  • This jar was labeled incorrectly.
  • The student was labeled as having an attention deficit disorder.

Most people reject the idea of having a label placed on them, but it’s something that is done when a person is in a situation that is outside the norm or different from the status quo*:

  • Sandra doesn’t like being labeled as a "cancer survivor."
  • Religious people hate to hear their own religion labeled in any way that is negative.
  • Henry rejected the label that was given to him by the other kids at school.
  • It’s not polite to label other people.

*status quo: an existing situation; a condition that is regarded as regular.

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September 12, 2013