Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

advance   bath     cure   distance     exclude   fabric     gentle     heal     idle   jewelry   king   latch   melt    native    opposite  


1. It took years and years for scientists to find a __________ for the disease.

2. The mother’s __________ touch from her hand comforted the baby and helped him go to sleep.

3. Snow and ice will __________ when the air temperature goes above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. The United States elects a president instead of a ___________ to govern the country

5. The owner of the company tries to keep his workers busy instead of allowing them to remain __________.

6. Edward bought a ring for his girlfriend at a __________ store.

7. Cindy takes a __________ instead of a shower because she likes to soak in the tub.

8. Most students at that school automatically __________ to the next grade, regardless of their test scores.

9. The __________ in her coat is a cotton and polyester blend.

10. Bertha was careful not to __________ anyone she works with when she sent out invitations to her party.

11. A good knowledge of __________ plants and animal species is necessary for anyone who manages a natural park reserve.

12. When the __________ on Ray’s tool box broke, all of his tools fell out.

13. Vanessa drove in the __________ direction of a storm that was approaching the area.

14. What’s the __________ between New York and Boston?

15. It’s going to take several months for John’s broken arm to __________.

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