A person who washes the body with soap and water takes a bath.

man in bathtub

  • He’s taking a bath.
  • He’s sitting in a bath tub.
  • Do you take a bath, or do you prefer to take a shower?
  • Kids need to take baths regularly even though they may resist.

The word "bathe" is a verb. Notice that the addition of the "e" at the end of "bath" changes the vowel sound. To bathe can include showering.

  • He’s bathing in hot, soapy water.
  • People who bathe regularly require a good source of clean water.
  • Her bathing habits include a hot shower before she leaves for work.
  • Cats don’t need to take baths. They bathe themselves.

Note: The "th" sound that comes at the end of "bath" or "bathe" might be difficult for some students.

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December 2, 2014